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Şirket ve Kurumlar

Bilson USA

Bilson USA is a satellite office of Bilson Consulting firm, a dynamic “Management” and “Human Resources” consulting company located in New York City.

Established with a team of professionals with high ethical standards, extensive education, a proven record for transforming businesses into more efficient organizations, “Bilson Consulting” helps develop, recommend, and implement business improvements for companies. Bilson consults with companies to identify the business’s strengths and weaknesses to develop an improvement plan. Additionally, Bilson Consulting executives train both H/R and clients on business development processes along with modeling, analysis, and research for specific business design efforts. Our team is customer-focused, flexible and adaptable in order to accommodate each client’s specific needs.

As New York arm of Bilson Consulting, we carry out a strategy map for all core business operations to analyze the company’s logical relationships between organizational values, resources, and objectives using four perspectives – the Learning and Growth Perspective, the Internal Perspective, the Customer Perspective, and the Financial Perspective.

At the base of this study we significantly focus on the company needs customizing strategies, case studies and seminars to improve and understand how an organization uses human capital, information capital, and organization capital to achieve goals.

Planet Green NY

After spending so much time with “sustainability and organic cotton”, recycled goods and learning about “global warming”, watching hybrid cars and organic food stores, we have concluded that there is a strong need to transform the company to take a more focused direction towards developing a mission statement and to begin regrouping our energies on the one reason that we are here: to serve our customer, and while at it, we can do something right for the customer, environment and the younger generations and feel good about the work we do. As “Planet Green NY” our synergy of tremendous information on sales, merchandising, design, manufacturing, sourcing, P.O.S, warehousing, factory direct, vertical operation from A to Z gives us a big opportunity to do a better job.

We specialize in consumer goods, textile products, fashion industry, sustainable performance gear, private label, seasonal products and home textiles both in fabrics and finished merchandise analyzing market trends and creating related marketing strategies, conceptualizing product and positioning business for current and future trends, alternative costing, sales analyses, merchandising guidelines and sustainability.

We excel in setting up business plans for wholesale and retail, design, sales, forecast, seasonal business, input for production and follow up, product development, sourcing based on worldwide costing and quality, product category and tariff structure, logistics, allocation, internal cost structure, imports, presentation for supply chains preparing merchandising guidelines, store presentation, logistics and sales analyses.

TED Istanbul

The shared dream of TED Ankara College alumni living in Istanbul was to fly their alma mater’s proud emblem at a TED affiliate school in Istanbul. This dream came true when 12 Ankara College alumni founded TED Istanbul College Foundation in 1997 with the contributions of TED Ankara College Alumni Association and the Turkish Education Association. The aims of the Foundation are to establish modern educational institutions to provide primary, secondary and higher education to Turkish students with an emphasis on foreign language teaching and to grant scholarships to successful students in need.

As an affiliate of the Turkish Education Association, which is one of the most well-established educational institutions in Turkey, TED Istanbul College was opened in 1998 with 137 students in Beykoz-Acarkent. In 1998-1999 academic year, the school consisted of only the kindergarteners and grades 1, 2 and 3. In 1999-2000, the other grades of the elementary school were also included and in 2000-2001 the high school was opened.